Dr. Sherry

Received her bachelors degree in Chemistry in 1999 followed by a Veterinary degree from PURDUE University in 2004 and has since served as a clinical veterinarian with a special focus on animal comfort care and welfare.

She is a USDA Accredited Veterinarian and has completed specialty certification by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association for Animal Chiropractic.

Supplemental education and experience has cultivated into the launching of PETINARY SERVICES.

Dr. Sherry is passionate about providing chiropractic care to animals and health care resources to pet owners.


…passionate animal lover and veterinary nurse with over 30 years experience in related fields.

Taryn also serves as an advocate for wildlife rescue and loves her fat rats!


Jennifer is a skilled pet groomer with almost 20 years experience working with animals and seven years as a professional groomer.

Jennifer takes special interest in serving pets with special needs such as the very nervous, very old and very young.

Jennifer is available at our location two days a week and online booking can secure your spot.


Larry is a Navy Veteran and all-around proud American.

Larry helps with facility maintenance, customer care, and whatever comes his way!


Shelby is a professional artist and photographer who also assists in our logo designs, graphics, and web/social media content.


Is our all around helper who volunteers as needed to make your visit to our clinic pleasant and enjoyable.

He is a skilled cleaner and a meticulous organizer. In his free time he enjoys games and movies and spending time with friends and family.