Healthy mouth- healthy pet! The dental procedure involves general anesthesia, complete oral exam, full mouth x-rays, hand and ultrasonic tooth scaling, tooth polishing, fluoride, sealant and includes, unless contraindicated, intravenous antibiotics.

Digital dental x-ray allows us to evaluate the parts of the teeth that you cannot see!

Base Price for dentals: $175 per hour plus cost of anesthesia.
Additional fees pending any medication dispensed when indicated.

Maintenance cleaning of a typical mouth can be completed in one hour.
Extended procedures requiring prolonged oral care or extractions require additional time.

Your vet will discuss your pet’s condition with you during your pet’s dental health assessment and assist you in developing the best care plan for both you and your pet.

Additional fees:
Pre-surgical / pre-anesthesia bloodwork and health exam is required. Bloodwork [base price $125] is collected at your pre-surgical Health Exam or on the day of your scheduled procedure. Post procedure pain medication and antibiotics may be prescribed as needed and may incur additional charges.

Advanced care, such as extractions, will incur additional charges and can be discussed with your doctor prior to your scheduled procedure.

Based on Health Exam findings and bloodwork findings additional recommendations may be discussed prior to scheduling for surgery.

*A Health Exam is required prior to vaccination, dental and spay/neuter procedures.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (817) 526-5378.